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Synergy: Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice workshop

Interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary research are widely acclaimed as being loci of innovation and new knowledge and ways of solving difficult diverse problems, with the capacity to bridge epistemological and ontological divides. Such practices involve many challenges, precisely because they necessarily cross disciplinary boundaries. Read more about the workshop.

The bio- art project “The Mirror of Faith” Boryana Rossa, winner of the Soft Call Control – Grid Spinoza – Spring Sessions # 2.

The duration of residence is five weeks, one between February and April 2014 , and four during the month of June 2014.

After reviewing all the received projects, the jury of Soft Control – Grid Spinoza – Spring Sessions # 2 has selected “The Mirror of faith” Boryana Rossa project .
“The Mirror of Faith” is a project that converge between biology and art in relation to research molecular biologist Dean Hammer about the genetic predisposition of human spirituality . In his book ” The God Gene ” Hammer says brain actions related to the VMAT2 protein and directed by his genetic mutation, affecting self-transcendence and spirituality. Several agencies argued about whether spirituality is linked to chemicals in the brain or the presence of God.

Central theme of the realization artist will produce , with the help of Dr. Michael Edel , the Transcendental Bacteria of Faith . This will be bacteria E-coli, modified with the God Gene.

The object of this absurd scenario is rethinking the notion of “Faith genetically predisposed ” but also of ” Faith” or the belief n the media representation of both science and religion.
During residency Hangar, will attempt to synthesize the gene of God, which is the core of the project. RNA synthetic gene will be created and subsequently transfected directly into cells. After obtaining the PCR product will be cloned into pGEM to can be sub – cloned into a retroviral vector. The use of a retroviral ” God Gene ” can be used to infect cells – target , a fact that will be used to make a permanent insertion of the gene for the study of God Gene over-expression in cell behavior .