Grid Spinoza is a project that explores the artistic and scientific research processes, methodologies and dynamics. The project is built around an online platform that contains an open archive of articles and audiovisual interviews with artists and scientists while it develops a programme of experiments, residencies and workshops related to different national and international networks. Read more.




The open online archive is an essential tool for the project Grid Spinoza. The archive has been developed in Drupal and it contains articles and audiovisual interviews with scientists and artists.


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Synergy: Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice workshop

Interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary research are widely acclaimed as being loci of innovation and new knowledge and ways of solving difficult diverse problems, with the capacity to bridge epistemological and ontological divides. Such practices involve many challenges, precisely because they necessarily cross disciplinary boundaries. Read more about the workshop.

Docs & links


AAVV. White Paper on the Interrelation of Art, Science and Technology in Spain, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology), 2007. ISBN: 978-84-690-3520-7

AAVV. Transdisciplinary research in sustainability science: practice, principles, and challenges. Daniel J. Lang • Arnim Wiek • Matthias Bergmann • Michael Stauffacher • Pim Martens •
Peter Moll • Mark Swilling • Christopher J. Thomas

Agre, Philip. Toward a Critical Technical Practice: Lessons Learned in Trying to Reform AI.

Born, Georgina and Barry Andrew. Art-Science From public understanding to public.

Jaeger, Jochen and Scheringer, Martin. The Structure of Transdisciplinary Research – six case studies.

Penny, Simon. Trying to be Calm

Penny, Simon. Rigorous Interdisciplinary Pedagogy

Pickering, Andrey. Ontology and antidisciplinarity, Exeter University

Sangüesa, Ramon. Technoculture and its democratization: noise, limits and opportunities of the “labs”.

Wiesmnn et al. Enhancing Transdisciplinary Research.



Articles and lectures

Staying with the trouble: becoming with creatures of empire, lecture by Donna Haraway

Opportunities and Obstacles Facing Scientists, Mathematicians, and Engineers Deeply Engaged in the Arts and Design by Carol Strohecker, Roger Malina, and Wendy Silk

Transdisciplinary research: characteristics, quandaries and quality

Essentials of Transdisciplinary Research: Using Problem - Centered Methodologies

Voodoo Correlations Are Everywhere—Not Only in Neuroscience by Klaus Fiedler

Performative Science and Beyond: Involving the Process in Research by Hans H. Diebner

The Entanglement of Arts and Sciences by AAVV

Understanding terrorism and radicalisation: a network approach by Paul Ormerod and Andrew P. Roach

Harwood. Coal Fired Computers


Silent Barage by Symbiotica

Phatus by Simon Penny

Petit Mal by Simon Penny


Jeremijenko. Environmental Health clinic

The Invisible Shape of Things Past (1995-2007) by art+com

Relative Velocity Inscription device by Paul Vanouse

Lo-Fi (artificial life installation)


Not knot

Alviso’s medicinal All-Salt.

Strandbeests by Theo Jansen

Center for postnatural history

The Laboratory of Ideas at the UAB Research Park


Science as a Critical and Participatory Design Project


BETR Global - Global-scale Multimedia Contaminant Fate Model



Interdisciplinary funding bodies, galleries and other institutions

Wellcome Foundation: http://www.wellcome.ac.uk

Nesta: http://www.nesta.org.uk/

Jerwood Charitable Foundation: http://www.jerwoodcharitablefoundation.org/

Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/acca/

Tenderpixel: http://www.tenderpixel.com/

Furtherfield: https://twitter.com/furtherfield

UK Dataservice: http://ukdataservice.ac.uk/news-and-events/newsitem/?id=3531

The Science Gallery: http://www.sciencegallery.com

CIT Wandesford Quay Cork: http://ccad-research.org/gallery/


Art science/crossover artists, practitioners and advocates of ‘open’ stuff

Semiconductor: http://semiconductorfilms.com/

Blast Theory: http://www.blasttheory.co.uk

Daniel Rourke: https://twitter.com/therourke

Katia Michael: https://twitter.com/katia_michael

Jon Bird: http://www.jonbird.org/

Micheál O'Connell mocksim@sussex.ac.uk

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