Grid Spinoza is a project that explores the artistic and scientific research processes, methodologies and dynamics. The project is built around an online platform that contains an open archive of articles and audiovisual interviews with artists and scientists while it develops a programme of experiments, residencies and workshops related to different national and international networks. Read more.




The open online archive is an essential tool for the project Grid Spinoza. The archive has been developed in Drupal and it contains articles and audiovisual interviews with scientists and artists.


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Synergy: Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice workshop

Interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary research are widely acclaimed as being loci of innovation and new knowledge and ways of solving difficult diverse problems, with the capacity to bridge epistemological and ontological divides. Such practices involve many challenges, precisely because they necessarily cross disciplinary boundaries. Read more about the workshop.

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Fernando Hernández, catedrático en educación artística

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Trabaja en la Universidad de Barcelona en la que trata de construir experiencias de aprendizaje dentro de las materias Psicología del Arte e Historia y el Currículum de la Educación Artística, pertenecientes a la licenciatura de Bellas Artes. Forma parte del grupo de Investigación Consolidado ‘Formación, Innovación y Nuevas Tecnologías’ y es co-director del Centro de Estudios sobre los cambios en la cultura y la educación (CECACEen el Parque Científico de Barcelona.